Viva Las Vegas

So I finally got the balls to quit my job Office Space style like I had planned.  I broke the lease on my apartment, got my deposit back, and sold every material item I owned.  I left California with 2 suitcases full of my only belongings, three thousand dollars in my wallet, and drove straight to Las Vegas.   All I knew was that I was going fucking traveling and I needed money fast.  It’s very inexpensive to live in Las Vegas, especially compared to Los Angeles, and I had a lot of friends that had gone there and made quick money in many different ways.

At first I was only going to do “atmosphere modeling” which is a common job in Vegas for hot girls; you basically get paid to party.  We would make $200-$400 a night, per shift, for showing up at a club and having a good time.  This looks really good for the club because everyone from all over the world who’s at the club now thinks, “wow there are so many pretty girls here!!!!”  We would do 1-3 shifts per day, so I was making anywhere from $600-$1200 a day which was much more than I had ever dreamed of.  But the work wasn’t steady, and sometimes I would only find a couple gigs a week.  I was a stripper for a little while but was truly terrible at it, which was very surprising to me and the people that know me because I’m great with people AND I’m a great dancer.  But I just didn’t have the hustle, and would end up making friends with everyone instead of making money.  I also have a weird phobia of touching people that I’m not interested in that I don’t know, and ultimately got fired for punching some pervert in the face.  But I made really good friends with the staff that worked there and had a blast.  Thankfully I got a job marketing shortly after getting fired and within a month I had my own condo in the nicest neighborhood in Las Vegas and was starting to save money.  Werk.

– Kissa Sins