The Hurricane

Johnny and I went out one night for sushi.  We were all over each other at the table and everyone was staring at us as per usual, and by the time we got home I was dripping wet.  As we walked through the door one of us must have touched the other in a slightly sexual way and that uncontrollable feeling came over us and we started molesting each other.  He kisses me and keeps his mouth on mine as he starts undressing me.  I can’t stop touching his face or I would undress him too, but I can’t and I continue to pull on his ears with my hands and on his tongue with my lips.

Once we’re both naked he sits down hard on the couch and pulls me onto his lap.  I straddle him and start riding and dancing on his dick without putting it inside.  We both look down and watch his fat penis head pop out of the top of my wet pussy lips over and over again until I look up at him and my eyes start to water and I cum harder than I usually do.  The goosebumps shoot up my spine and I can feel the beads of sweat emerge from the pores on my back and my ears start ringing.  He clears the hair out of my face and grabs cradles the back of my head and my neck with both of his hands.  We never stop kissing, and I don’t stop dancing on his cock so I just keep cumming.  I tease him and get all the way to the entrance of my pussy with the tip of his cock but at the last second take it away and dance on his lap some more.

I get off of my knees and onto my feet on the couch and squat down and sit on his throbbing cock.  I notice immediately that his dick hits a nerve in my gut that I usually don’t feel, and he’s pressing me down into him so the feeling becomes more and more intense.  I almost cum again like I usually do from deep inside my pussy, but the climax doesn’t come, instead it builds like a storm and becomes a bottled orgasm waiting to explode.  He keeps squeezing me and hugging me and bringing me closer to him, like he’s trying to crawl inside of me, like he can’t stand to have a single millimeter in between us.  I start to feel something inside of me begin to sparkle, it tingles and pulsates and it feels like my nerves are shorting out.   It becomes more and more intense until it starts to overwhelm me and I feel like I’m about to pass out.  I look at him and want to tell him, but I can’t really speak so I mumble a few words and give up.highlight squirt  He squeezes me harder and closer again and pinches the skin on my back because he knows it drives me crazy.  He knows that I’m about to squirt and looks at me and tells me to squirt all over his fucking dick.  The feeling is too strong for me and I try to fight it because it feels like I’m going to pee all over him and the couch; it feels so strong I don’t know how I’m going to act when it cums.  And then it takes control and I let go and my heart feels like it drops all the way down to my feet and then shoots all over my body like a bouncey ball stuck in a china shop.  And then release.  Release I’ve never felt before, and my cum drenches us in a way it never has but his cock is plugging my little pussy so it just sprays out wherever it can escape.  He looks at me and smiles and I’m horrified because I feel bad that I got him so wet.  I don’t know what’s happening to me and I’m shaking to a point that renders me completely useless, but he takes charge as I melt into him and he keeps going.  I beg him to wait because it’s too much sensation but he won’t and I’m so happy that he doesn’t.  Every nerve in my pussy is vibrating and I can feel the bulging nerves in his cock touch every pulsing nerve in my pussy.  My clit is uncomfortably swollen and we’re so wet we slide all over the couch and each other.  He keeps fucking me and it starts happening again but this time I let it come and the same amazing release comes and I feel like I’m dreaming.  I close my eyes to keep from passing out and smile because I’ve never felt such pleasure.  It feels like the eye of the most powerful hurricane is brewing inside of me and I feel it about to erupt and explode and overflow.  Then for a moment it feels like there’s no way that I could actually achieve this level of orgasm; the build up feels too strong almost like I’m already orgasming but I’m about to peak on a different level.  But it does come, like a tidal wave, and it feels like the dam that’s been holding back the hurricane breaks and water rushes from every river in my body and into my cunt.  And then like dominoes I can almost watch the path in which the fireworks in my nerves surge from the center of my soul to every boundary of my body, and then then it bursts into the tips of every finger and toe and my limbs immediately go numb.  My ears keep ringing.  I start cumming again and I look down and he pulls his dick out and rubs it all over my pussy and I start spraying cum all over both of us like it’s been trapped in my body my entire life.  I can taste it as it splashes up into my mouth and it tastes sweet like he always told me it would.  I can’t speak.  My right leg twitches uncontrollably and my pussy is jumping on the inside.  I look down and realize how much I just came and play with the puddles of cum forming in our combined body parts and in his belly button.  Every time I twitch my pussy  jumps off his tummy and then back down and sends the same electricity in the same domino pattern and it takes my breath away.  We do this until point that he thinks he may kill me with the next orgasm.  I don’t think I’ve ever slept that well after that.