1111Courtesy of liquid courage, aka tipsy-drunk texting, Johnny and I admitted many things to each other and realized we both felt the same way about each other.  Then we quickly started planning an entire month vacation together.  It was cute because it was like we were both afraid to show each other just how much we liked each other, so we would both hold back and play it cool when really we were in overdrive on the inside.  I figured I would save up money until our vacation, then transfer 5leave to travel straight from there.

We planned on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We would leave at the end of December (which was I think a little over 3 months away at the time), and stay for almost 6 weeks.  We decided to drive all the way from LA to Cabo to experience the adventure because that’s really what we’re after.  I was beyond excited.

Oh if you’re wondering why I’m smiling like an idiot in this picture it’s because it’s a picture I took as he was texting me.  I’m so fucked lol and notice in the text I’m already calling him Daddy.  Hahah

I love you, life.