Starting To Fall

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-16I remember telling him I’m afraid of saying I love you because I knew it was coming because I knew we both felt it.  And every time we fucked I felt like he was about to say it because the connection was just too much.  And every time I thought he was going to say it I tried to pull away, I tried to make more noise, I tried to not let it happen.  But I did love him and I did want to tell him but love really scares me, and needing someone really scares me, and liking someone this much really scares me.

Then one night at my condo we were fucking on my bed, and when we fuck we stare at each other in the eye and feel this fucking feeling that I can’t begin to describe.  I can feel my heart and I know he can feel his and it’s the most surreal experience in the world.  At first I didn’t know what it was but I soon realized this indescribable feeling I felt was love.  The most vulnerable fucking emotion of all.  The only thing worth fighting for.  The universal feeling everyone feels even if they are never told about it.  I finally surrender to it and admit to myself that I do fucking love him.  So fucking much.  So fucking much I want to scream it at him.  He puts his arms around my neck and continues to slowly slide his cock deep inside of me.  We look at each other and I’m about to cry because things are just too intense; the sex combined with the feelings.  It’s like we can read each others minds.  I look at him and I know it’s coming and I start to become afraid and I squirm.  He slows me down and holds me still and tells me he loves me.  He looks at me and says it again.  My entire body goes limp and the fear subsides.  I look at him and tell him I love him too.  I tell him I’ve always loved him and I’m so happy that he loves me too.  He starts fucking me harder and I cum so fucking hstarting to fallard.  My eyes start watering from the overflowing emotions I’m experiencing and the compound orgasms I’m having.  I pretend I’m not crying but I knows he knows I am because he holds me harder and closer than ever before.  I don’t care how scary that is or how many people tell me not to or how much it will hurt if I ever loose him, I love him and there’s nothing I can do about it, there’s nothing I want to do about it except feed my fucking heart with his.  I let myself fall.  And it feels so fucking good.