So Much For 35

This picture was the first picture that was ever taken of me with a penis in my mouth.  It was also the first time I ever tried anal.  I told myself (and Johnny) that I was going to wait until I was 35 to have anal sex so that I could reserve something fun and new for when I’m that age.  Didn’t really work out like that.

Johnny and I go out to eat on the Las Vegas Strip, have a few drinks and go back to my condo.  I start sucking his dick in the car on the ride home.  We park and walk upstairs and barely make it through the door without ripping half my clothes off.  We slam the door shut and lock it and I almost trip on my skirt around my ankles as we struggle to reach the bedroom.

When we get there he throws me on the bed, wraps one hand around my neck and presses me into the mattress.  He shoves his fingers into my mouth with the other hand and finger fucks my mouth until his fingers are sopping wet.  He rolls me over onto my stomach, parts my pussy lips with one finger and plunges two fingers inside of me, penetrating me over and over again until I can feel my pussy cry all over his hand.  He rolls me over again and all of my pussy juice spills over into my asshole and then onto the bed.  He kisses my face and I lick my hand and touch his beautiful cock.  When he reaches down again for my pussy he notices my drenched asshole and barely touches the rim of it with the tip of his finger and it makes me squirm it feels so good.  The more I squirm the harder he presses, and the harder he presses the more I squirm.  He looks at me with this evil smile that I love and slides one finger all the way into my tight little asshole.  It feels so good I don’t bother trying to pretend I’m going to stop him because at this point I’m completely hypnotized by the orgasms he’s giving me and am incapable of saying no.  To anything.  Fuck it.He takes his rock hard cock and rubs it all over my shaved, wet, slippery pussy.  The skin is so soft and so wet his dick just slides into every crevasse and onto every nerve and I become impatient because I want it so bad.  I push my pussy closer to him and it almost goes in but when it’s almost there he teases me and takes it back.  I wrap my legs around his back and bite his lip and he gives in and shoves his big dick into my pussy.

We fuck and I cum probably a hundred times.  At one point I lie on my stomach with my legs closed and he stops fucking me and starts eating my ass.  He fingers my pussy with one hand and grabs my ass with the other, licking all around my asshole.  He uses the wetness from my pussy and starts fingering my ass with one finger and then two.  It becomes obvious to me that there is a whole other orgasm inside my ass that I never knew about.  It’s different than the other kinds that I have, it makes me squirt.  He lies on top of me and moves my hair away from my face.  He kisses the back of my neck and my ears and I can’t handle how good it feels.  He keeps fingering my asshole, leans in closer and whispers “baby I’m going to fuck your ass.”  I cum again immediately.  Something about the way that he didn’t ask turned me on so much.  He wasn’t asking permission because he knows my body belongs to him.  He owns my pussy and now he’s about to own my asshole.  He was just letting mhighlight anale know lol.  I can’t say no even though I’m terrified.  His dick barely fits into my pussy and I’ve literally never had anything in my ass before in my life.  I’m afraid but I want it.  Do it.

He grabs my ass with both hands, spreads my cheeks apart and spits on my asshole.  I’m afraid.  He grabs his thick cock with one hand and presses the head into the pool of spit on my little brown star.  He presses and I can feel that his girth is thicker than the opening of my ass but it’s wet so it starts sliding in.  I start to panic and look back at him but he tells me shhhhhhhhh it’s ok and I arch my butt up and take it.  From the moment it enters I realize it’s completely different than getting fucked in the pussy.  It feels like there is an arm inside of me.  You can feel the head all the way up inside of me, like a sleeve of nerves enveloping his big meaty dick.  He slowly goes deeper and deeper and I reach back and pull him closer to me and squeeze his arm as I take his cock.  Once it’s halfway in he starts to slowly penetrate me, slowly in, slowly out.  He reaches under me, finds my clit and rubs it.  I can’t stop cumming.  I’m screaming like I’m dying and the neighbors are probably concerned but I could give a fuck less.  I push my ass back into him and tell him over and over again to fuck my ass.  It feels so good I have no idea how I’m acting.  He tells me he’s going to cum and when he does I can feel it like I had fingerprints inside of me.  I can feel the warmth of his cum as he creampies my ass, I can feel it drip down my thighs as it spills out.  I can feel the head of his dick twitch over and over again.  The bed is completely soaked with my cum to the point that it’s a puddle on top of the blanket.  He collapses on top of me and we fall asleep in a sweaty mess with his dick inside of my ass.  I can die now.

When he takes it out it immediately starts hurting.  I couldn’t walk for a week but it was totally worth it.  So much for 35.