We continue driving and decide from here on out to not stop for anything except necessary potty breaks and food, but as always, me and Johnny’s sex drives get in the way.  He reaches over innocently to hold my leg with his hand as I drive, and the electricity of his skin on my skin sparks and lights up our nerves, and a wave of horniness overtakes us.  I start sucking his cock as he drives but we need more and we both look at each other and realize we need to fuck each other immediately on an emergency basis.  There is nothing for miles and miles in both directions, but there are other cars on the road.  We heard this small rumor that Mexico may or may not be a tad dangerous but we’re now possessed by our horniness for each other and we pull over 10 feet from the main road and I throw the truck in park.

I run around to his side of the truck and open his door and he’s smiling real big and I kiss him hard as he wraps his arms around my waist.  He’s so much bigger than me and his huge arms envelop my entire body and I disappear into his chest.  He holds my face tight with one hand and stares at me straight in the eyes and tells me to not stop kissing him.  He reaches down with his other hand and I follow it with my eyes as I kiss him, and when I see him barely able to unzip his pants sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-22because his boner is so huge my eyes widen and I bite down on his lip.  He strokes his cock and stares into my eyes.  He takes his hand off my face and puts it on the back of my head and grips my hair with his fist, kisses me one more time and then forces my head down onto his cock.  I drop to my knees and happily kiss it, then lick it, then take the entire thing into my mouth.  He keeps holding onto my hair and starts moving my head as he thrusts into me and fucks my mouth as saliva drips out of the sides of my mouth and runs down my neck.  The head of his dick is like candy to me.  I feel like I can never suck it hard enough or get enough of it; I always want more.  He stands me up and takes off my pants and pushes me onto the passenger seat.  He licks his hand and touches the tip of his cock and pulls me closer by my legs.  He leans in to kiss me and his boner presses on my tummy and it as always feels abnormally large and I’m so excited that it’s not going to fit inside of me.  My pussy is dripping wet.  He stops kissing me and holds his cock by the base and aims it at my pussy and then rubs it all over my clit and I’m so wet that he spreads my pussy juice all over me.  I wrap my legs around him and pull him in, grab his cock and put it inside me.  I can’t take the suspense anymore.  And then that feeling.  The moment it goes in feeling.  I would do anything for this feeling.  He fucks me hard and kisses and bites my neck and I can’t stop cumming.  People are driving by but we are way beyond concerned with everyone else at this point.

sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-6sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-18My last orgasm is so strong my pussy muscles pulsate on his cock and it makes him climax and he pumps me full of his hot cum.  We kiss again and I lick his mouth and we both start laughing because that was pretty reckless but also totally worth it.  I leave my pants off and sit back in the drivers seat and am forced to wait a few minutes before driving because my legs are too weak and shaking too hard.  We eat a granola bar because we always get hungry right after we both cum, and we sit for a moment in the middle of the desert in Mexico, bodies buzzing from our intense orgasms, and we are both completely content.

– Kissa Sins