Sins Life

Getting Ready

Girl with pink hair with pitbullFinally it’s time to get ready for Mexico.  It’s the middle of December and Johnny goes back East to Pennsylvania to see his family for Christmas.  I stay in California to be with my friends and family and get to dog sit Primo for about a week.  We have so much going on that I won’t see Johnny at all until we pack up my truck the night we begin our road trip to Cabo San Lucas.  The plan is to leave Johnny’s house in Los Angeles at about midnight to get to the Chula Vista/Mexico border at the perfect time.  I’m so excited.

Sins Life

Cum To My Dressing Room

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-93**I will rarely add a bucket list challenge to Sins Life.  However, this one is so essential to the story I decided to include it!!  If you haven’t checked out our Sex Bucket List yet find it here!!**

Johnny comes home from Pensylvannia but we miss each other at home because we’re both out running errands.  We decide to meet up at a shopping complex that has many different stores so we could get the different things we both needed.  Johnny texts me when I’m at REI and says, “I’m at the sporting good store, come find me”.

Alllllllll of a sudden I have no interest in what I’m buying at REI and I run over to where Johnny is.  I ask the closest employee where the dressing room is and they point to a corner of the store.  I smile innocently and thank the nice lady and speed walk to where she pointed and try not to smile like an evil villain.  I feel like everyone is looking at me but I realize no one knows I’m about to go put a gigantic dick in my vagina in a dressing room and so I ignore my paranoia.  Why is being bad so much fun.  I enter the dressing room area and there are about 5 different rooms and people are in every one of them.  It’s just after Christmas and so the store is packed.  I look under the doors at everyones feet and when I come to the last dressing room I see Johnny’s feet and get excited.  He in turn sees my feet and unlocks his door.

For the first 2 minutes we pretend he invited me in to look at his clothing selection so the people in the next room don’t think we’re going do intercourse and stuff.  Thank god that ends because I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-90and we start making out as quietly as possible.  This was a particularly difficult bucket list challenge for me because there were people literally right next to us and I have a very hard time being quiet.  We kiss and look at ourselves kissing in the mirror and now I’m kissing him through my smile.  He bends me over and pulls my jeans over my ass and exposes my wet pussy.  He leans over and kisses it and licks it then pulls his dick out and puts it inside.  I gasp for air but cover my mouth immediately and look back at him and try not to laugh.  Do you know what it’s like putting a massive penis inside of your tight little pussy while being required to make NO sounds??  It’s difficult.  I struggle with it and it makes it even hotter and he fucks me harder and I squeeze my hand harder over my lips.  It is so ridiculously quiet in there even if I was mute it was still pretty obvious what was happening.  Bottom line no one makes repetitive light pounding sounds while trying on clothes at sports stores.  But we don’t fucking care.  He flips me over and pulls my pants all the way off and puts my legs on his shoulders highlight dressing roomand at this point I’ve cum enough times for overflowing moisture in my cunt to be audible.  We try to slow down in an attempt to reduce the sound but there’s no use and the whole thing is just so sexy it makes him cum inside my pussy.

As soon as we’re done it becomes extremely apparent to us that we were just very loud and we should probably leave.  The cum drips out of my vagina and onto the floor and I look at him and we both start laughing.  I ask him which shirts he’s going to buy, then pick up the one he’s decided against and use it to wipe the cum dripping out of my pussy.  When we are paying at the cashier I can feel the rest of it seep out of my panty-less pussy on it starts to drip down my leg.  I smile because it’s warm and it makes me happy.  Here we come, Mexico.kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-92

– Kissa Sins

Sins Life

The Road Trip Begins

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-95We pack up the truck and start driving.  We make it to Chula Vista by about 5:30am and stop at some hole in the wall Mexican food restaurant and both get breakfast burritos.  When we get to the border we are shocked that we are literally the only people crossing.  I’ve never seen the border so empty before.  We approach the the police slowly in our truck and they wave us through without searching us or even checking our passports.  Johnny can’t speak Spanish at all but I can understand enough to get by so I will have to be the communicator on this trip.  We need to get our tourist visa but don’t know where to go and get rushed through and somehow miss the immigration office.  So we are now in Tijuana illegally and we are super white and confused.  It’s still dark outside and both our cell phones immediately stop working even though we both bought international plans so we just decide to keep driving until we find people to ask for help.

We manage to avoid downtown Tijuana and keep on a road on the coast driving towards Ensenada.  I’ve only been to the kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-96rough part of TJ and am completely shocked at how beautiful it actually is.  The coast is lined with a million houses that all differ completely from one another in size and class.  The mountains are crusted with beautiful homes with colorful walls and flat rooftops.  The blue of the ocean breaks into frothy white when it meets the rocks and sands of the land.  I roll the window down and can taste the salt water in my mouth and can feel the mist of the ocean on my cheeks.  There are hundreds of abandoned houses everywhere and we instantly become interested in them because of the graffiti and burnt look of the roofless buildings as if they were burned down a half a century ago.  We find a local radio station that works and listen to it all the way to Ensenada.

Once we get to Ensenada there is an immigration office that is of course closed.  It’s not really a good look to be in another country illegally so naturally we’re a little worried.  We sit in my truck and look at each other for a minute then I get out and go back to look at the hours of operation on the door of the office.

mexicoWhen I get there I see a man in an unmarked car stare at me as he drives by and slows down.  Fuck.  He stops the car and follows me around the other side of the building.  I start running back to my truck and when I get there I lock the doors and start the car and tell Johnny we gotta go.  The man appears in my rear view mirror and is motioning to us with his hands.  We roll down the window and he tells us in Spanish that he can help us get our immigration card if that’s what we’re looking for.  We decide to risk death and open the door and he is extremely helpful and amazing and provides us with the card and we tip him and get back on the road.  So far everyone is really nice despite what everyone warned us about.  And it will continue to be that way the ENTIRE time we’re in Mexico.

– kissa sins

Sins Life


kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-101Once we get our tourist visas we continue our journey south.  We follow the road off of the coast and onto a windy road through miles and miles of uninhabited land.  A mix of desert and rolling hills covered in shrubbery.  Cactus and palm trees.  Every 10 minutes we pass roadside memorials called Descansos dedicated to the person that died on the road at each specific location.  The family of the deceased builds a small house and lays flowers and trinkets as a shine for their soul to live in.  We keep passing these amazing abandoned houses and finally decide to stop at one.

We park and get out of the car.  We approach with caution because we have no idea what’s inside.  The doors are all gone if there ever were any, and the whole building looks like it’s survived a storm of tornadoes or some nuclear attack.  Inside there are cut up tires, broken glass and a huge amount of ash from some large fire.  Graffiti covers the walls.  It’s so cool in here.  We take some pictures then get back in the car to find more abandoned houses.  Adventure!

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-100abandonned housekissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-98– Kissa Sins

Sins Life

Hooded Villains

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-104The first place we stopped to set up camp was in a small town called Cataviña.  It was only about 4:30pm and we wanted to keep driving, but were strictly prohibited by friends to not drive after sundown on our entire journey to Mexico.  I have 2 problems with this:  1) that’s too damn early because I’m too excited to stop at 4:30pm and 2) don’t tell me what to do and now that you told me not to I really wanna because now I’m curious 🙂  So as the sun starts setting we start deciding if we’re going to give in to our kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-105friends ghost stories and strong warnings from “should I drive at night in Mexico” Google searches.  People warned us of the pitch black night, and how unforgiving the darkness is when it’s pulled over your eyes.  “Just don’t do it” they say but offer no reason, they say it so mysteriously.  The way it was described to me by some people made it sound like something secret and magical happens in rural Mexico when the sun goes down.  Like there’s teams of hooded villains that emerge from underground networks and have dance battles and crazy glowing deep sea creatures seep out of the cracks in the desert floor and anyone found driving is hunted down, robbed, raped and cloned.  We decide hey that sounds interesting and screw everyone’s advice that we asked for and we try to drive into the night because we’re rebels.  Immediately this proves to be a bad idea because it gets intensely DARK and I don’t mean California kinda dark.  There aren’t street lights around for hundreds of miles and the moon and stars are covered by fog.  The roads are riddled with basketball sized potholes and rock slide areas.  So our Thug Life moment didn’t last for very long and we pulled off the main road onto a gravel path that led us back into the cactus forest.

The path twists around giant rocks, trees and bushes.  It leads us passed another truck with a tent pitched, and an outhouse with no door on it, and assume this gravel path is some sort of campsite.  We can’t find anyone anywhere so we drive around to find a place to camp.  We turn a couple corners and come to a cleaning with a huge tree in the middle of it.  We pitch our tent and set up our little home for the night.  Once everything is in place we go exploring.camping

Passed the clearing we find an enormous gap in the vegetation and look down and notice that the terrain has changed from dirt to sand.  And there are brush stroke like markings on the surface of the sand clearing, the inprint remaining of the last time the water danced on top of it.  It was a large dry river bed and it was such a cool thing to realize as you’re standing right in it.  We feel seashells crunch under our feet and wonder what river this was and how it connected to the ocean, and how long ago was this wet?  We wondered what animals had swam right where we stood and how glittery the sun looked when it bounced off of the waters reflection in this exact spot.  As we walk further the old river starts sinking and sand walls begin to surround it like a valley.  We try to take pictures but the sun is basically gone for the night so we make our way back to our tent.
The temperature has dropped to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Even with the tent zipped up and us wrapped tightly in our sleeping bags and covered with blankets, we’re still from California so we’re still freezing.  It’s amazing how blistering hot it can get in the desert during the day and then suddenly just drop to freezing so drastically, so quickly.

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-106Me and Johnny smoke a joint then lay our heads down to go to sleep.  I’m trying not to laugh because its like 6pm and if you’re an insomniac like me you just laughed too because who the hell can fall asleep at 6pm!?  I reach out of my boring sleeping bag and into Johnny’s fun sleeping bag and feel around in the dark for his penis that is already hard and waiting, as it always is.  Always so inviting and wonderful.  Yay.  I lean over and kiss his mouth.  I love the way that the parts of my skin that are exposed feel so cold, then the warm, wet skin from my mouth on his mouth contrasts so much.  My chilled upper lip folds under his kiss and it melts every inch of me.  His tongue feels hot and I try to catch it with my lips.  We abandon our sleeping bags but try to keep the blanket draped over us at the same time.  His body heat presses into mine and my nerves light up.  I love the way my outer pussy lips feel so cold, but when he drives his enormous cock into me he lures out my hot cum with every single fucking pulse, until my pussy, stomach and thighs are all covered in hot cum.  Every stroke brings more heat.  We quit trying to cover ourselves with this stupid blanket because we don’t care about blankets right now because nothing else matters.  The soft, thin sleeping bag material gets wet quickly and sticks to my skin like cellophane.  Every time I cum I can feel the warmth overflow a onto my cold thighs and the contrast excites my nerves.  We stop once or twice because as per usual I can’t keep quiet and we times think there might be a bear out there or one of those hooded villains.  But we don’t care about bears or villains right now.  The air feels cold and crisp when I suck it in hard trying to catch my breath after every orgasm.  When he cums it’s like a blast of hot lava that fills me up then overflows my tight little hole like an eruption all over my legs and panties that are still on, just pushed to the side.  Bucket List Challenge by accident:  #37. CAMPING.


Sins Life

Mexican Mornings

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-108We wake up at 5:30am and pack up our camping gear into my truck.  We make breakfast and hit the road by 6:30am and it’s beautiful outside, crisp and new.  We blast the music and continue heading south.

We discover that it’s kinda legal to drink beer and drive at the same time.  I mean not like we did or anything, but hypothetically this is what it would look like if I was buying beer in the morning on a road trip lol.  I am in heaven because I’m standing in front of a fridge full of ONLY Mexican beer, and I love Mexican beer but am surrounded by “those people” in California who are all self proclaimed beer connoisseurs and so I’m not allowed to like Mexican beer because it’s “water” but the truth is I LOVE MEXICAN BEER.kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-109

Sins Life

Abandoned Art

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-111As we drive we can’t help but stop at the abandoned houses checkered along the road, painted with years of graffiti and character, broken bottles and empty spray cans.  Let’s smoke a joint.


Sins Life


We continue driving and decide from here on out to not stop for anything except necessary potty breaks and food, but as always, me and Johnny’s sex drives get in the way.  He reaches over innocently to hold my leg with his hand as I drive, and the electricity of his skin on my skin sparks and lights up our nerves, and a wave of horniness overtakes us.  I start sucking his cock as he drives but we need more and we both look at each other and realize we need to fuck each other immediately on an emergency basis.  There is nothing for miles and miles in both directions, but there are other cars on the road.  We heard this small rumor that Mexico may or may not be a tad dangerous but we’re now possessed by our horniness for each other and we pull over 10 feet from the main road and I throw the truck in park.

I run around to his side of the truck and open his door and he’s smiling real big and I kiss him hard as he wraps his arms around my waist.  He’s so much bigger than me and his huge arms envelop my entire body and I disappear into his chest.  He holds my face tight with one hand and stares at me straight in the eyes and tells me to not stop kissing him.  He reaches down with his other hand and I follow it with my eyes as I kiss him, and when I see him barely able to unzip his pants sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-22because his boner is so huge my eyes widen and I bite down on his lip.  He strokes his cock and stares into my eyes.  He takes his hand off my face and puts it on the back of my head and grips my hair with his fist, kisses me one more time and then forces my head down onto his cock.  I drop to my knees and happily kiss it, then lick it, then take the entire thing into my mouth.  He keeps holding onto my hair and starts moving my head as he thrusts into me and fucks my mouth as saliva drips out of the sides of my mouth and runs down my neck.  The head of his dick is like candy to me.  I feel like I can never suck it hard enough or get enough of it; I always want more.  He stands me up and takes off my pants and pushes me onto the passenger seat.  He licks his hand and touches the tip of his cock and pulls me closer by my legs.  He leans in to kiss me and his boner presses on my tummy and it as always feels abnormally large and I’m so excited that it’s not going to fit inside of me.  My pussy is dripping wet.  He stops kissing me and holds his cock by the base and aims it at my pussy and then rubs it all over my clit and I’m so wet that he spreads my pussy juice all over me.  I wrap my legs around him and pull him in, grab his cock and put it inside me.  I can’t take the suspense anymore.  And then that feeling.  The moment it goes in feeling.  I would do anything for this feeling.  He fucks me hard and kisses and bites my neck and I can’t stop cumming.  People are driving by but we are way beyond concerned with everyone else at this point.

sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-6sex-bucket-list-kissa-sins-johnny-sins-erotica-18My last orgasm is so strong my pussy muscles pulsate on his cock and it makes him climax and he pumps me full of his hot cum.  We kiss again and I lick his mouth and we both start laughing because that was pretty reckless but also totally worth it.  I leave my pants off and sit back in the drivers seat and am forced to wait a few minutes before driving because my legs are too weak and shaking too hard.  We eat a granola bar because we always get hungry right after we both cum, and we sit for a moment in the middle of the desert in Mexico, bodies buzzing from our intense orgasms, and we are both completely content.

– Kissa Sins


Sins Life

Heaven On Earth

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-118The next camping spot we come to is on a sandbar in a cove and has become my favorite place on earth.  The water is bluer than any sky and as clear as Aquafina.  I can smell the salt in the ocean.  This spot is unique because there is ocean on both sides of us since it’s a sandbar.  It’s heaven on earth.  We set up camp in one of the 10 cabanas on the sandbar and write our names in the wood like lovers do.

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-122As soon as we’re all set up we take Primo for a walk along the water and meet an American who set up camp on a part of the sand that he says will become an island by 8pm when the tide comes in, the ocean erasing the sandbar path to his tent.  He told us his girlfriend and her friend had gone to get supplies and that tonight they were going to take mushrooms.  He showed us a washed up puffer fish and told us some stories.  He was hilarious.  Sure enough when we looked at his tent from ours later that night he was on his little island.

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-121kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-120We leave the beach and find a small market and buy beer, avocado, apples and tostada shells.  We make a delicious meal, drink beer on the beach and smoke weed out of an apple.  As night falls the stars reveal themselves as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, starting on the horizon and stretching to the opposite horizon; more stars than I have ever seen.  With no light pollution, not even street lights, it is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever been inside of, this Mexican night sky.  And what happens next becomes the best sex I’ve ever dreamed of.