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2 Foot Wet Mess

I’ve always gotten so much joy from doing nice things for Johnny.  I remember one weekend he was passing through the city I lived in at the time in California, and he wanted to stop by on his way.  The day I found out he was coming over I drove to Whole Foods and spent $80 on fruit, sushi, and beer.  I cut the fruit up all perfectly, displayed the sushi and beer, packed him and bowl, and had the whole thing set up by the time he walked in my door.  Immediately after he walked in I regretted spending so much time on everything because I thought, “Oh my god, what if he thinks you’re weird”.  Like who the hell spends $80 on one random meal and displays everything like this?  What’s wrong with me?  I for one second thought he was going to be like WOAH YOU’RE WACK and walk out of my house and never speak to me again, but instead his entire face lit up like it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him, and he says, “I love sushi!!”  I respond with, “oh this?  Oh really I had no idea you liked sushi.”

I totally knew exactly how much he loved sushi, but was playing it off like I wasn’t thrilled to death that he was excited.

I sit on the couch and he follows me there and then pulls me underneath him and covers every inch of my little body with his like the best kind of blanket.  I remember kissing him through our smiles because we couldn’t stop laughing at I’m not sure what.  We laugh and kiss and I become more and more wet thinking of the ensuing orgasms I knew I was about to have.

He picks my beer up from the table and puts the bottle in my mouth and makes me drink from it.  I’m laughing and drinking and the beer drips from the corners of my mouth and onto my chin, runs along my jawline then down my neck.  I stop laughing and look at him and then look down at the beer dripping into the crease of my cleavage and smile when he smiles.  He puts the beer down, interlaces his fingers with mine and pushes his face into my tits.  He licks my skin with his large, warm tongue and I can feel my goosebumps pushing up against his taste buds.

We both rip each others clothes off and he sits upright with his back against the couch back and pulls me on top of him.  My hair is long and blonde and covers my tits and he gently moves it away from my nipples and kisses them softly and looks at me at the same time.  I sit on his naked lap with my nakedness and it feels so fucking good, soft touching soft, it almost feels like we’re underwater.  I roll my body like a snake and every time my pussy inches closer and closer to his bulging hard cock.  My pussy leaks onto the sides of my thighs as I wiggle around, and it lubricates my butt cheeks on his lap and I start to slip.  He looks at me and grinds his teeth and grabs my ass hard with both hands and pulls me into him.  His cock slides up my pussy lips but not into the hole, and I put my left hand on his throat and push him back into the couch.  I grind hard on his cock that slips and slides on my soaking wet pussy lips.  He pulls my arms behind my back and forces his cock inside of me.  Heaven.  I swear I can feel it in my lungs.  I can feel every detail of every vein, I can feel the mushroom tip of his penis push through my tight pussy walls.  He pushes my shoulders down and it inches deeper and deeper inside of me.  I grind and dance on him and he bites his lip and so do I.  I wrap my arms around his head and twerk on his dick until I cum so hard my whole body starts shaking.  I reach down and touch my clit because it’s so swollen and sensitive I feel like I have to touch it to release some of the tension building up inside of it.  His beautiful lower stomach is completely covered in my cum and I look down and touch his wet abs with my wet fingers.  I start riding him again, his stomach pressing onto my clit at the same time as his cock hits my G-spot.  I have 2 different orgasms at once, and hot cum pours out of my pussy on onto his cock and balls, then onto the couch.  My orgasms render me completely useless and he knows it and he stands up while holding me at the same time and brings me into my bedroom.  I never realized how cute my little bedroom was until I had this big man in it; my bed was too low for him and everything all of a sudden seemed so miniature.  He throws me on the bed and I laugh and he follows me, puts my hands above my head with his hands and is able to guide his cock into my pussy without even touching it because I’m so fucking wet.  He thrusts into me until I make a 2 foot wet mess on my bed.  I wrap my legs around his back and he tells me I’m going to make him cum.  As always this makes me cum one last time and welcomes his cum in my pussy.

-Kissa Sins

Sins Life

San Diego

A few weeks later Johnny and I went on our first trip together.  He took  me to San Diego for the weekend and it was so chill and magical.  We ate at delicious restaurants, got room service, and our room was right on the ocean.  We fucked on the beach, in our beautiful glass shower, and in the hallway of the hotel because we couldn’t wait to get inside.

san diego breakfast

Sins Life


So i guess i should just answer the “is it hard dating a porn star” question before everyone starts asking because that is by far the most asked question in my life now.

I would estimate the amount of times someone asks me, “You know your boyfriend fucks other chicks, right?” happens mmmmmmmm maybe 5 times a day.  EVERY DAY.  People laugh at me with their heads shoved up their asses telling me this like I have no idea.  I think it’s mainly because people just can’t understand it and so they deem our relationship “impossible” and try to talk me out of it.  The funny part is, this means the general population holds sex in a more important light than us, but we’re supposed to be the sex addicts, right?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  Sure it’s been hard at some points for both of us.  But in general it’s really not a big deal.

Johnny is by FAR the least judgmental person I have ever met, and is just a normal guy.  He is the least jealous and the sweetest boyfriend I have ever had, and we have a respect for each other I rarely see in any other relationship.  We have STILL never to this day ever called each other a bad name and we’ve lived together for most of our relationship, we’re together all the time, and we never lose our tempers with each other.

When I first entertained the thought of dating him i had no problem with it whatsoever.  It never crossed my mind that it would be difficult because that’s how i met him and I’m the last person that’s going to change the person I decide to be with.  It’s my decision and I could walk away at any moment and I’m comfortable with that.  I went through a brief period of being sad when he would leave to work because I let people get to me.  But then I snapped myself out of it by listening to ME and realizing people are just too closed minded to understand us.  The fact is it honestly doesn’t bother me.  He only fucks girls at work, and how could you be mad at that??  What an awesome job!  What guy wouldn’t want that job?  I’ve always loved porn.  It’s like he trains all day just to come fuck my pussy right at night.  I can never go back to normal sex.  I can never go back to some uptight guy checking my cell phone when I’m in the shower because they’re so damn insecure.  Hasn’t anyone ever heard of swingers?  This isn’t new.

When he first asked me to be his girlfriend he warned me that people would have an issue with it.  I thought he was crazy… it didn’t make sense to me that other people in my life would have an issue with who i date since it’s my fucking life.  Boy was I wrong.

I probably lost 15 friends over this relationship.  And it blows my mind that people are so preoccupied with everyone else that it would even start to bother anyone!  So trippy to me!  I had friends sending me pictures of him banging other chicks which I already knew about, everyone!  Lol thanks though.  People went on in great lengths through text, phone calls, and in person about how I need to start “respecting myself” and how he “could never love me” because he fucks other women.  But I didn’t understand what they meant.  When him and I are together I can feel that he loves me.  I can feel that even though he fucks other women that I’m special.  He’s not a robot and I can see the love in his eyes when he’s with me, it’s so fucking obvious.  I wish the people who decided to not be a part of my life because of him could see us together.  I wish they could meet him without knowing who he is so they could see he’s the nicest guy on earth.  I feel like judgmental people miss out on a lot in life.

Here is the coolest part about it, and this is the part I bet no one is going to understand: the universal fear of being cheated on is non existent.  I have never worried about it because everything is out in the open and I am not in the dark about anything.  I also know he cares about me to a degree that is extremely flattering and humbling.  So I’m never worried.  He’s my best friend and I love scheming on hot chicks with him when we’re out and I love asking him funny questions about his day at work.

The bottom line is that I’ve never been happier.  I’ve never enjoyed being around someone so much, I’ve never loved someone this much, and I’ve never trusted someone this much.  We love being sexual beings and we’re going to have a beautiful, fun life traveling the world fucking all kinds of girls together, and anyone who has a problem with it can sit at home alone at their computer and continue to tell me how bad he is.  I’ll take him off everyones hands 😉

– Kissa Sins

Sins Life

Viva Las Vegas

So I finally got the balls to quit my job Office Space style like I had planned.  I broke the lease on my apartment, got my deposit back, and sold every material item I owned.  I left California with 2 suitcases full of my only belongings, three thousand dollars in my wallet, and drove straight to Las Vegas.   All I knew was that I was going fucking traveling and I needed money fast.  It’s very inexpensive to live in Las Vegas, especially compared to Los Angeles, and I had a lot of friends that had gone there and made quick money in many different ways.

At first I was only going to do “atmosphere modeling” which is a common job in Vegas for hot girls; you basically get paid to party.  We would make $200-$400 a night, per shift, for showing up at a club and having a good time.  This looks really good for the club because everyone from all over the world who’s at the club now thinks, “wow there are so many pretty girls here!!!!”  We would do 1-3 shifts per day, so I was making anywhere from $600-$1200 a day which was much more than I had ever dreamed of.  But the work wasn’t steady, and sometimes I would only find a couple gigs a week.  I was a stripper for a little while but was truly terrible at it, which was very surprising to me and the people that know me because I’m great with people AND I’m a great dancer.  But I just didn’t have the hustle, and would end up making friends with everyone instead of making money.  I also have a weird phobia of touching people that I’m not interested in that I don’t know, and ultimately got fired for punching some pervert in the face.  But I made really good friends with the staff that worked there and had a blast.  Thankfully I got a job marketing shortly after getting fired and within a month I had my own condo in the nicest neighborhood in Las Vegas and was starting to save money.  Werk.

– Kissa Sins

Sins Life

Truck Sex

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-23Johnny and I had a lot of fun when I moved to Vegas.  He was traveling back and fourth from LA to Vegas for work and was in Vegas about half of the time.  We spent as much time together as humanly possible.  These pictures are from a time I met him at a sports bar in the afternoon for a Steelers game and we fucked in the parking lot in his truck.


The pictures below are from fucking in his truck in the parking structure at The Hard Rock.  Why we’re at the Hard Rock is beyond me lol.  And below those pictures are more random pictures of us post-sex in his truck.  What can I say!  Who can wait to get home??????

truck sex combo othertruck sex combo other 2


Sins Life

The Hurricane

Johnny and I went out one night for sushi.  We were all over each other at the table and everyone was staring at us as per usual, and by the time we got home I was dripping wet.  As we walked through the door one of us must have touched the other in a slightly sexual way and that uncontrollable feeling came over us and we started molesting each other.  He kisses me and keeps his mouth on mine as he starts undressing me.  I can’t stop touching his face or I would undress him too, but I can’t and I continue to pull on his ears with my hands and on his tongue with my lips.

Once we’re both naked he sits down hard on the couch and pulls me onto his lap.  I straddle him and start riding and dancing on his dick without putting it inside.  We both look down and watch his fat penis head pop out of the top of my wet pussy lips over and over again until I look up at him and my eyes start to water and I cum harder than I usually do.  The goosebumps shoot up my spine and I can feel the beads of sweat emerge from the pores on my back and my ears start ringing.  He clears the hair out of my face and grabs cradles the back of my head and my neck with both of his hands.  We never stop kissing, and I don’t stop dancing on his cock so I just keep cumming.  I tease him and get all the way to the entrance of my pussy with the tip of his cock but at the last second take it away and dance on his lap some more.

I get off of my knees and onto my feet on the couch and squat down and sit on his throbbing cock.  I notice immediately that his dick hits a nerve in my gut that I usually don’t feel, and he’s pressing me down into him so the feeling becomes more and more intense.  I almost cum again like I usually do from deep inside my pussy, but the climax doesn’t come, instead it builds like a storm and becomes a bottled orgasm waiting to explode.  He keeps squeezing me and hugging me and bringing me closer to him, like he’s trying to crawl inside of me, like he can’t stand to have a single millimeter in between us.  I start to feel something inside of me begin to sparkle, it tingles and pulsates and it feels like my nerves are shorting out.   It becomes more and more intense until it starts to overwhelm me and I feel like I’m about to pass out.  I look at him and want to tell him, but I can’t really speak so I mumble a few words and give up.highlight squirt  He squeezes me harder and closer again and pinches the skin on my back because he knows it drives me crazy.  He knows that I’m about to squirt and looks at me and tells me to squirt all over his fucking dick.  The feeling is too strong for me and I try to fight it because it feels like I’m going to pee all over him and the couch; it feels so strong I don’t know how I’m going to act when it cums.  And then it takes control and I let go and my heart feels like it drops all the way down to my feet and then shoots all over my body like a bouncey ball stuck in a china shop.  And then release.  Release I’ve never felt before, and my cum drenches us in a way it never has but his cock is plugging my little pussy so it just sprays out wherever it can escape.  He looks at me and smiles and I’m horrified because I feel bad that I got him so wet.  I don’t know what’s happening to me and I’m shaking to a point that renders me completely useless, but he takes charge as I melt into him and he keeps going.  I beg him to wait because it’s too much sensation but he won’t and I’m so happy that he doesn’t.  Every nerve in my pussy is vibrating and I can feel the bulging nerves in his cock touch every pulsing nerve in my pussy.  My clit is uncomfortably swollen and we’re so wet we slide all over the couch and each other.  He keeps fucking me and it starts happening again but this time I let it come and the same amazing release comes and I feel like I’m dreaming.  I close my eyes to keep from passing out and smile because I’ve never felt such pleasure.  It feels like the eye of the most powerful hurricane is brewing inside of me and I feel it about to erupt and explode and overflow.  Then for a moment it feels like there’s no way that I could actually achieve this level of orgasm; the build up feels too strong almost like I’m already orgasming but I’m about to peak on a different level.  But it does come, like a tidal wave, and it feels like the dam that’s been holding back the hurricane breaks and water rushes from every river in my body and into my cunt.  And then like dominoes I can almost watch the path in which the fireworks in my nerves surge from the center of my soul to every boundary of my body, and then then it bursts into the tips of every finger and toe and my limbs immediately go numb.  My ears keep ringing.  I start cumming again and I look down and he pulls his dick out and rubs it all over my pussy and I start spraying cum all over both of us like it’s been trapped in my body my entire life.  I can taste it as it splashes up into my mouth and it tastes sweet like he always told me it would.  I can’t speak.  My right leg twitches uncontrollably and my pussy is jumping on the inside.  I look down and realize how much I just came and play with the puddles of cum forming in our combined body parts and in his belly button.  Every time I twitch my pussy  jumps off his tummy and then back down and sends the same electricity in the same domino pattern and it takes my breath away.  We do this until point that he thinks he may kill me with the next orgasm.  I don’t think I’ve ever slept that well after that.

Sins Life

LA Trips

purple hiking comboJohnny and I would also meet up in LA when he was back there for work and I would go see my friends.  We would go hiking and I would of course get naked.  I loved and still do love that he would prefer to go hiking and do peaceful things instead of going clubbing.  I partied too much as a teenager and I’m tired.  I just wanna be peaceful.

12 - kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-353


Sins Life

So Much For 35

This picture was the first picture that was ever taken of me with a penis in my mouth.  It was also the first time I ever tried anal.  I told myself (and Johnny) that I was going to wait until I was 35 to have anal sex so that I could reserve something fun and new for when I’m that age.  Didn’t really work out like that.

Johnny and I go out to eat on the Las Vegas Strip, have a few drinks and go back to my condo.  I start sucking his dick in the car on the ride home.  We park and walk upstairs and barely make it through the door without ripping half my clothes off.  We slam the door shut and lock it and I almost trip on my skirt around my ankles as we struggle to reach the bedroom.

When we get there he throws me on the bed, wraps one hand around my neck and presses me into the mattress.  He shoves his fingers into my mouth with the other hand and finger fucks my mouth until his fingers are sopping wet.  He rolls me over onto my stomach, parts my pussy lips with one finger and plunges two fingers inside of me, penetrating me over and over again until I can feel my pussy cry all over his hand.  He rolls me over again and all of my pussy juice spills over into my asshole and then onto the bed.  He kisses my face and I lick my hand and touch his beautiful cock.  When he reaches down again for my pussy he notices my drenched asshole and barely touches the rim of it with the tip of his finger and it makes me squirm it feels so good.  The more I squirm the harder he presses, and the harder he presses the more I squirm.  He looks at me with this evil smile that I love and slides one finger all the way into my tight little asshole.  It feels so good I don’t bother trying to pretend I’m going to stop him because at this point I’m completely hypnotized by the orgasms he’s giving me and am incapable of saying no.  To anything.  Fuck it.He takes his rock hard cock and rubs it all over my shaved, wet, slippery pussy.  The skin is so soft and so wet his dick just slides into every crevasse and onto every nerve and I become impatient because I want it so bad.  I push my pussy closer to him and it almost goes in but when it’s almost there he teases me and takes it back.  I wrap my legs around his back and bite his lip and he gives in and shoves his big dick into my pussy.

We fuck and I cum probably a hundred times.  At one point I lie on my stomach with my legs closed and he stops fucking me and starts eating my ass.  He fingers my pussy with one hand and grabs my ass with the other, licking all around my asshole.  He uses the wetness from my pussy and starts fingering my ass with one finger and then two.  It becomes obvious to me that there is a whole other orgasm inside my ass that I never knew about.  It’s different than the other kinds that I have, it makes me squirt.  He lies on top of me and moves my hair away from my face.  He kisses the back of my neck and my ears and I can’t handle how good it feels.  He keeps fingering my asshole, leans in closer and whispers “baby I’m going to fuck your ass.”  I cum again immediately.  Something about the way that he didn’t ask turned me on so much.  He wasn’t asking permission because he knows my body belongs to him.  He owns my pussy and now he’s about to own my asshole.  He was just letting mhighlight anale know lol.  I can’t say no even though I’m terrified.  His dick barely fits into my pussy and I’ve literally never had anything in my ass before in my life.  I’m afraid but I want it.  Do it.

He grabs my ass with both hands, spreads my cheeks apart and spits on my asshole.  I’m afraid.  He grabs his thick cock with one hand and presses the head into the pool of spit on my little brown star.  He presses and I can feel that his girth is thicker than the opening of my ass but it’s wet so it starts sliding in.  I start to panic and look back at him but he tells me shhhhhhhhh it’s ok and I arch my butt up and take it.  From the moment it enters I realize it’s completely different than getting fucked in the pussy.  It feels like there is an arm inside of me.  You can feel the head all the way up inside of me, like a sleeve of nerves enveloping his big meaty dick.  He slowly goes deeper and deeper and I reach back and pull him closer to me and squeeze his arm as I take his cock.  Once it’s halfway in he starts to slowly penetrate me, slowly in, slowly out.  He reaches under me, finds my clit and rubs it.  I can’t stop cumming.  I’m screaming like I’m dying and the neighbors are probably concerned but I could give a fuck less.  I push my ass back into him and tell him over and over again to fuck my ass.  It feels so good I have no idea how I’m acting.  He tells me he’s going to cum and when he does I can feel it like I had fingerprints inside of me.  I can feel the warmth of his cum as he creampies my ass, I can feel it drip down my thighs as it spills out.  I can feel the head of his dick twitch over and over again.  The bed is completely soaked with my cum to the point that it’s a puddle on top of the blanket.  He collapses on top of me and we fall asleep in a sweaty mess with his dick inside of my ass.  I can die now.

When he takes it out it immediately starts hurting.  I couldn’t walk for a week but it was totally worth it.  So much for 35.

Sins Life

Starting To Fall

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-16I remember telling him I’m afraid of saying I love you because I knew it was coming because I knew we both felt it.  And every time we fucked I felt like he was about to say it because the connection was just too much.  And every time I thought he was going to say it I tried to pull away, I tried to make more noise, I tried to not let it happen.  But I did love him and I did want to tell him but love really scares me, and needing someone really scares me, and liking someone this much really scares me.

Then one night at my condo we were fucking on my bed, and when we fuck we stare at each other in the eye and feel this fucking feeling that I can’t begin to describe.  I can feel my heart and I know he can feel his and it’s the most surreal experience in the world.  At first I didn’t know what it was but I soon realized this indescribable feeling I felt was love.  The most vulnerable fucking emotion of all.  The only thing worth fighting for.  The universal feeling everyone feels even if they are never told about it.  I finally surrender to it and admit to myself that I do fucking love him.  So fucking much.  So fucking much I want to scream it at him.  He puts his arms around my neck and continues to slowly slide his cock deep inside of me.  We look at each other and I’m about to cry because things are just too intense; the sex combined with the feelings.  It’s like we can read each others minds.  I look at him and I know it’s coming and I start to become afraid and I squirm.  He slows me down and holds me still and tells me he loves me.  He looks at me and says it again.  My entire body goes limp and the fear subsides.  I look at him and tell him I love him too.  I tell him I’ve always loved him and I’m so happy that he loves me too.  He starts fucking me harder and I cum so fucking hstarting to fallard.  My eyes start watering from the overflowing emotions I’m experiencing and the compound orgasms I’m having.  I pretend I’m not crying but I knows he knows I am because he holds me harder and closer than ever before.  I don’t care how scary that is or how many people tell me not to or how much it will hurt if I ever loose him, I love him and there’s nothing I can do about it, there’s nothing I want to do about it except feed my fucking heart with his.  I let myself fall.  And it feels so fucking good.