Mexican Mornings

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-108We wake up at 5:30am and pack up our camping gear into my truck.  We make breakfast and hit the road by 6:30am and it’s beautiful outside, crisp and new.  We blast the music and continue heading south.

We discover that it’s kinda legal to drink beer and drive at the same time.  I mean not like we did or anything, but hypothetically this is what it would look like if I was buying beer in the morning on a road trip lol.  I am in heaven because I’m standing in front of a fridge full of ONLY Mexican beer, and I love Mexican beer but am surrounded by “those people” in California who are all self proclaimed beer connoisseurs and so I’m not allowed to like Mexican beer because it’s “water” but the truth is I LOVE MEXICAN BEER.kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-109