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Hello beautiful people from all over the world!!!  Welcome to Sins Life!!  The true, unconventional love story of Johnny Sins and Kissa Sins, told by me, Kissa!!

I started this blog as a way to keep our photos and adventures in one place, and never imagined that it was going to turn into something that thousands and thousands of people would read.  I especially never thought we would ever hit 1 million readers, but here we are!  This story was initially on Tumblr in a very disorganized blog format, but once we hit a million readers I decided you guys deserved a real website.  And this time it’s the whole story, in order, no more jumping around.

Please enjoy fucking yourself if you have comments about my improper, eccentric writing style, as I am well aware I am reckless with comma placement,,,,, and give no fucks about perfect grammar.  After all, it’s our story and we can write it in run on sentences if we want to.

For those lovely eyes viewing Sins Life on computer:  Please find the full Chapter List on the right hand side of this post under “Sins Life Chapters” to help you navigate throughout the story.

For those lovely eyes viewing Sins Life on mobile:  Please find the Chapter List in the Sins Life drop down menu, accessible through the main menu under Sins Life >>>> Chapter List.Sins Life - Johnny Sins & Kissa Sins Erotica Blog - like 50 Shades Of Grey for adults. Our unconventional love story & sexual antics

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PLEASE BE ADVISED this blog contains XXX images, XXX extremely descriptive erotica, and vulgar language.  People tell me it’s like “50 Shades of Grey for perverts”.  You’ve been warned lol!!  If you want to read the blog at work or somewhere where you’d rather not have close up photographs of my butthole on your computer screen, I’ve created a “SFW” censored version; the erotica writing is the same but I’ve removed the pictures so you can read in peace if need be.  Just kidding for censorship.  We love you!!