Heaven On Earth

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-118The next camping spot we come to is on a sandbar in a cove and has become my favorite place on earth.  The water is bluer than any sky and as clear as Aquafina.  I can smell the salt in the ocean.  This spot is unique because there is ocean on both sides of us since it’s a sandbar.  It’s heaven on earth.  We set up camp in one of the 10 cabanas on the sandbar and write our names in the wood like lovers do.

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-122As soon as we’re all set up we take Primo for a walk along the water and meet an American who set up camp on a part of the sand that he says will become an island by 8pm when the tide comes in, the ocean erasing the sandbar path to his tent.  He told us his girlfriend and her friend had gone to get supplies and that tonight they were going to take mushrooms.  He showed us a washed up puffer fish and told us some stories.  He was hilarious.  Sure enough when we looked at his tent from ours later that night he was on his little island.

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-121kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-120We leave the beach and find a small market and buy beer, avocado, apples and tostada shells.  We make a delicious meal, drink beer on the beach and smoke weed out of an apple.  As night falls the stars reveal themselves as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, starting on the horizon and stretching to the opposite horizon; more stars than I have ever seen.  With no light pollution, not even street lights, it is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever been inside of, this Mexican night sky.  And what happens next becomes the best sex I’ve ever dreamed of.