Failing At A One Night Stand

This is the first picture Johnny and I ever took together.  We’re in his backyard a few weeks after we met, and I’m smiling like that because I’m in the most comfortable, safest place on earth; under his arm.  He creates a very calm and serene head space for me, and the way his big arms envelop my entire body makes me melt.  The story of how we met will make you laugh so here ya go:

I had broken up with my boyfriend a few months prior to meeting Johnny, and I hadn’t had sex since the break up.  I have always been in long term relationships and so I never got the chance to be sexually adventurous with strangers, and it seemed fun, so I decided to go on a mission to have the first 1 night stand of my life.  When I stumbled across Johnny’s Instagram, I thought, wow this guy is hot, followed by the realization that he was that one bald porn dude.  This is the perfect 1 night stand I thought, he’s a pornstar; he’ll only want to fuck me just like I want, then he’ll be over it.  I hit him up for the fuck of it.

I commented on one of his pictures a very romantic: “I wanna fuck you” and then forgot about it because I noticed he never responds to anyone on Instagram.   I laughed the next day when my notifications were full of comments and likes from him.  Here is the first conversation we ever had lol:

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sins-life-erotica-7So I send him my phone number and he texts me:

transfer1 We make each other do silly stuff, like make letters out of our hands and take pics and text it so we both know we’re not serial killers, and we both know we’re who we say we are.  Jokes on him because I am a serial killer, but that’s what you get for meeting people on the internet.  We get along really well over text, but I figured I get along with everyone on earth, and assumed he’s just some player and to ignore the chemistry.  All I want is to finally get fucked like I deserve to get fucked, with no strings attached.  My friends told me I was crazy, especially after I showed them one of his movies.  They said he seems like an asshole and I said I don’t care. The whole ‘bald-asshole-fuck-me-until-I’m-dead’ look is okay with me, and fuck off.  We set up a time to meet in the Valley at a local bar, and I am all ready to have my first 1 night stand.

I of course get pulled over on my way to the bar for driving like 90 mph on side streets because I’m so excited.  When the lovely cop is running my drivers license back at his lovely cop car I texted Johnny this picture of my soft, hairless pussy he and tells me how yummy it looks.  He texts me a picture what he was wearing so I could find him easily.  He’s so cute I can’t stop smiling.  The cop comes back and I cover my pussy and smile but I can feel how wet it is and wonder if the cops knows what I’m thinking.  He passes on giving me a ticket and I almost speed again right in front of him pulling back onto the road.

When I get to the bar I park across the street and I walk inside and see him sitting at the opposite side of the entrance.  He’s bigger than I imagined, and much cuter in real life.  My face gets hot and I’m sure it turns red and I swallow hard and walk over to him.  I go to shake his hand like an idiot and then halfway through the handshake realize we’re not at a business meeting and maybe I should give him a hug?  So I give him an almost handshake and then almost hit him in the face giving him a last minute hug.  Perfect I’m an awkward spaz in the first 30 seconds as always.  Fuck.  He smiles big and then makes eye contact with me then immediately looks down.  I follow his eyes to the ground and think to myself, is this guy shy?  I watch him for the next couple of minutes and realize holy shit he is shy.  I assumed he was going to be arrogant because I’ve only ever seen him on Brazzers, and was basing my assumption of how he would act on the aggressive intensity of the way he fucks.  It’s not like I’ve ever in my life watched a porn intro, so I had never even heard him speak.  I’m completely thrown off.  Out of anything on planet earth shy guys are my biggest weakness by far.  We have some drinks and flirt with each other until I flash my pussy to him one too many times and he gets the tab.  I’m not wearing panties and my dress is so short he can see everything from where he was sitting.  Oops.  He puts his hand on my thigh and I move closer until his middle finger hits the soft skin of my pussy.  He pays and we leave and I follow him to his house.

We chill in his backyard and spark a joint.  We laugh and tell stories and feel uncomfortably comfortable with each other until his eye catches mine and I forget what we’re talking about.  He grabs my face and pulls me into him and kisses me hard on the mouth.  He holds the back of my head with both hands and the goosebumps spread like wildfire from the tips of his fingers to the base of my spine and into my stomach.  I’ve never felt anything like it before.  I’ve never felt like I was being electrocuted by touch before.  I’ve always been hypersensitive, but not like this.  I keep my eyes open and stare at him and he puts his lips on my lips and my goosebumps feel like they’re going to burst.  I can all of a sudden feel my heartbeat pulse like a subwoofer in my swollen clit, and I’m so wet I can feel the moisture just barely spreading my pussy lips apart, and the wetness starting to leak down into my asshole.  I cross my legs to hide what’s happening, but it just squeezes my pussy between my legs and makes it overflow and it drips down the soft skin of my inner thighs.  I have never in my life kissed so passionately and I’m immediately mesmerized by his energy.  He pulls me onto him so I’m straddling him on his lap and my pussy juice spills all over his shirt, picks me up and brings me inside.

I remember seeing his cock for the first time.  It was bigger than I thought it was going to be, and pretty.  Very pretty.  I remember wondering if it was going to fit and being excited that it might not.  I put my hand on it, closed my palm on his bulging veins and squeezed.  I bite my lip and look up at him.  He’s a foot taller than me and towers over me.  He kisses me again and I bite his lip too.  We rip each others clothes off and he fingers me and I cum all over his hand.  I suck his dick and appreciate his cock with my mouth.  I remember when he put it inside of me for the first time… it’s the same feeling I get every single time he puts it inside of me now, but the first time I didn’t know my pussy would stretch around a cock that big.  He stares directly into me with his eyes full of blue and takes my breath away as it slides in.  Electricity shoots all over my body like a pinball machine.highight3  I am officially his little bitch.  I would kill every child in a village if he told me to right now, and not because I would want to, but because I am literally a robot programmed to serve him at this moment.  It’s heaven.  I can feel his cock pushing the walls of my body open, and I can feel him in my bone structure.  I’ve never been this overstimulated in my life.  This is the best day ever.

But really it’s what comes next that is more amazing than all of that.  The feeling of lying on his chest under his arm as we both drip in sweat is indescribable.  A layer of cum beneath us, and a layer of sweat between us, I can hear his heart beating in his chest and he holds me harder as he feels me shake.  I can hear the filtered sound of his lungs as they expand in his chest, and my own heart beat so loud it echos in mine.  I realize that this is prSins Life - Johnny Sins & Kissa Sins - How We Metobably when you’re supposed to leave after a one night stand?  I try to calm my nerves down so I can stand up and get dressed but he grabs my face and kisses my lips and we start fucking again.  And again.  Until all my limbs are numb and I can no longer speak.  He looks directly into my eyes when he’s thrusting his cock into my body and I can’t handle how fucking intense he is.  I’ve never been matched in intensity and always feel like I need to get everyone on molly so they’re on my level.  But not him.  It’s like the most powerful supercharged engine screaming on a freeway going a thousand miles an hour.  It feels like it’s supposed to feel.  Fuck money, fuck materialistic shit, this feeling is worth more than all of it.  Sex is better than anything.

Afterwards we fall asleep on the couch together.  I wake up and realize I’m fucking this 1 night stand thing up.  I finally collect myself I start to get dressed and get all my stuff together.  He wakes up and asks me to stay.  I tell him I can’t but he insists.  Really I want nothing more than to lie on his chest all night but I am trying to be a slut.  It’s not working.
We wake up in the morning cuddling, and I reach down and his warm cock is hard as a rock.  We fuck again and I don’t know how because my pussy was so extremely swollen and fucked up but I don’t care or dare stop him and my orgasms overpower the pain and we both cum so fucking hard.  He gets up and makes us breakfast.  He is healthy like me and he makes the most delicious, healthy breakfast and we sit in his backyard and eat.  We’re already making plans to chill again and go hiking and I’m completely confused and think maybe this is how kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sins-life-erotica-69all 1 night stands go?  But am horribly mad at myself because I know I already like him.  Fuck.

I leave his house and try to sit down in my car.  I cannot sit down comfortably.  I cannot stand up comfortably.  My pussy is completely sore and every muscle around it is aching.  I put a sweater from my backseat under my ass and force myself to drive home.  I blast music and scream and dance and can’t help myself from smiling.  I’ve never been so happy in so much pain before.  I can die now.