Lost in Blue – My Johnny

“Lost In Blue” by Kissa Sins

That’s my man.  His name is Johnny Sins and he the nicest, most genuine guy I have ever met… And I’ve met a lot of god damn people.  He’s been the first person in my life who can actually slow me down and focus my racing mind to allow me to not think about anything when I’m with him.  Usually I think about so many different things at once that I exhaust myself, but it feels like when I’m around him I can take a deep breath and simply be.  He’s always nice to me.  No matter what.  He’s always calm, always chill.  We love all the same things and make each other die laughing.  He really cares about me being happy and content and does way more than he should for me, and it’s completely flattering to watch how much he loves me.  I’m addicted to the way he looks at me and the way I can tell he feels when he’s next to me.  I’m addicted to his touch and the way he makes me feel inside and out.  But more than anything it’s the friendshjohnny-sinsip that I appreciate.  It’s really open and honest and easy.  Very non judgmental.  I could tell him anything, even if I do something wrong, and he never gets upset or judges me.  There’s something magic in his eyes that I can never figure out.  It’s like he knows something about life, like he knows whatsup.  His eyes are so blue and big and clear they’re like snow globes full of ocean.  And his shyness makes me melt.  We love teasing each other and pushing each other to be better and better and planning all these amazing trips and adventures in our life that I love.  And the fact that when he takes his pants off his cock matches his personality in awesomeness, well that’s just amazing.  It’s like if you could date your best friend, but your best friend is also a sex machine.  Or, you’re dating a Hitachi, but your Hitachi has a personality.  And I love that he loves that his little sex slave can change a tire or go camping for 3 days without doing my makeup.  I’m thankful I can not only have a friend to admit all my fears to, but also a lover to fuck my brains out in the best way.  I respjohnny-sinsect him for being the most motivated, patient person I know.  His dedication to anything he sets his mind to on a daily basis is really amazing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to explore this life with, and I’m happy for every bad thing that ever happened to me because it led me straight to him.
There is no where else on earth that I would rather be than lying on your chest, under your arm, Daddy.  You’re dope and fun and the chillest and I’m so excited for life.  Thank you for everything you do.