kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-101Once we get our tourist visas we continue our journey south.  We follow the road off of the coast and onto a windy road through miles and miles of uninhabited land.  A mix of desert and rolling hills covered in shrubbery.  Cactus and palm trees.  Every 10 minutes we pass roadside memorials called Descansos dedicated to the person that died on the road at each specific location.  The family of the deceased builds a small house and lays flowers and trinkets as a shine for their soul to live in.  We keep passing these amazing abandoned houses and finally decide to stop at one.

We park and get out of the car.  We approach with caution because we have no idea what’s inside.  The doors are all gone if there ever were any, and the whole building looks like it’s survived a storm of tornadoes or some nuclear attack.  Inside there are cut up tires, broken glass and a huge amount of ash from some large fire.  Graffiti covers the walls.  It’s so cool in here.  We take some pictures then get back in the car to find more abandoned houses.  Adventure!

kissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-100abandonned housekissa-sins-johnny-sins-sinslife-sins-life-erotica-sex-bucket-list-sinsfit-98– Kissa Sins