2 Foot Wet Mess

I’ve always gotten so much joy from doing nice things for Johnny.  I remember one weekend he was passing through the city I lived in at the time in California, and he wanted to stop by on his way.  The day I found out he was coming over I drove to Whole Foods and spent $80 on fruit, sushi, and beer.  I cut the fruit up all perfectly, displayed the sushi and beer, packed him and bowl, and had the whole thing set up by the time he walked in my door.  Immediately after he walked in I regretted spending so much time on everything because I thought, “Oh my god, what if he thinks you’re weird”.  Like who the hell spends $80 on one random meal and displays everything like this?  What’s wrong with me?  I for one second thought he was going to be like WOAH YOU’RE WACK and walk out of my house and never speak to me again, but instead his entire face lit up like it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him, and he says, “I love sushi!!”  I respond with, “oh this?  Oh really I had no idea you liked sushi.”

I totally knew exactly how much he loved sushi, but was playing it off like I wasn’t thrilled to death that he was excited.

I sit on the couch and he follows me there and then pulls me underneath him and covers every inch of my little body with his like the best kind of blanket.  I remember kissing him through our smiles because we couldn’t stop laughing at I’m not sure what.  We laugh and kiss and I become more and more wet thinking of the ensuing orgasms I knew I was about to have.

He picks my beer up from the table and puts the bottle in my mouth and makes me drink from it.  I’m laughing and drinking and the beer drips from the corners of my mouth and onto my chin, runs along my jawline then down my neck.  I stop laughing and look at him and then look down at the beer dripping into the crease of my cleavage and smile when he smiles.  He puts the beer down, interlaces his fingers with mine and pushes his face into my tits.  He licks my skin with his large, warm tongue and I can feel my goosebumps pushing up against his taste buds.

We both rip each others clothes off and he sits upright with his back against the couch back and pulls me on top of him.  My hair is long and blonde and covers my tits and he gently moves it away from my nipples and kisses them softly and looks at me at the same time.  I sit on his naked lap with my nakedness and it feels so fucking good, soft touching soft, it almost feels like we’re underwater.  I roll my body like a snake and every time my pussy inches closer and closer to his bulging hard cock.  My pussy leaks onto the sides of my thighs as I wiggle around, and it lubricates my butt cheeks on his lap and I start to slip.  He looks at me and grinds his teeth and grabs my ass hard with both hands and pulls me into him.  His cock slides up my pussy lips but not into the hole, and I put my left hand on his throat and push him back into the couch.  I grind hard on his cock that slips and slides on my soaking wet pussy lips.  He pulls my arms behind my back and forces his cock inside of me.  Heaven.  I swear I can feel it in my lungs.  I can feel every detail of every vein, I can feel the mushroom tip of his penis push through my tight pussy walls.  He pushes my shoulders down and it inches deeper and deeper inside of me.  I grind and dance on him and he bites his lip and so do I.  I wrap my arms around his head and twerk on his dick until I cum so hard my whole body starts shaking.  I reach down and touch my clit because it’s so swollen and sensitive I feel like I have to touch it to release some of the tension building up inside of it.  His beautiful lower stomach is completely covered in my cum and I look down and touch his wet abs with my wet fingers.  I start riding him again, his stomach pressing onto my clit at the same time as his cock hits my G-spot.  I have 2 different orgasms at once, and hot cum pours out of my pussy on onto his cock and balls, then onto the couch.  My orgasms render me completely useless and he knows it and he stands up while holding me at the same time and brings me into my bedroom.  I never realized how cute my little bedroom was until I had this big man in it; my bed was too low for him and everything all of a sudden seemed so miniature.  He throws me on the bed and I laugh and he follows me, puts my hands above my head with his hands and is able to guide his cock into my pussy without even touching it because I’m so fucking wet.  He thrusts into me until I make a 2 foot wet mess on my bed.  I wrap my legs around his back and he tells me I’m going to make him cum.  As always this makes me cum one last time and welcomes his cum in my pussy.

-Kissa Sins